HCAD 600 – Trends: Trends and the Reality of Teamwork

Do citations and yr reference should be APA compliance (at least 2 references).
What are some of the macro- trends that are likely to be important to the US healthcare system over the next ten years?
Peer’s Answer below:
Heather Landi, author for Fierce Healthcare, published an article titled, “Telehealth use falls 37% from pandemic highs, while demand for healthcare services projected to flatten: report.” In this article, Landi focuses on the macro trends in the healthcare industry post COVID-19. Landi explains that the demand for healthcare has fallen rapidly, and at the same time, a variety of consumerism-based organizations have filled in the technology related gaps when it comes to telehealth. Businesses such as Amazon and Walmart are proving to be major competitors for hospitals as they rapidly expand their delivery of a variety of healthcare services (Landi, 2021).
Both Amazon and Walmart have their own healthcare delivery organizations. Walmart has recently began the acquiring process of the telehealth company called MeMD just as Amazon’s healthcare sector, Amazon Care has gotten its start. Landi writes, “telehealth offers a great opportunity to expand access and reach consumers where they are and complements our brick-and-mortar Walmart Health locations,” (Landi, 2021). Major companies and organizations across the US have decided to take advantage of the telehealth boom, and if hospitals and healthcare providers are not careful, it could potentially completely change the landscape of US healthcare delivery as we know it.
Although telehealth is on the decline post COVID-19, the demand for it is not disappearing anytime soon. As younger generations approach the age to take over their own healthcare, they will be on the lookout for easy, cost-effective, and time-saving options. Millennials and Generation Zs will expect healthcare options that utilize technology and minimize confusion. Healthcare providers need to keep up with the changing times otherwise, they will be left in the dust.
Landi, H. (2021, June 27). Telehealth use falls 37% from pandemic highs, while demand for healthcare services projected to flatten: report. Fierce Healthcare. https://www.fiercehealthcare.com/hospitals/telehealth-use-falls-37-from-pandemic-highs-report-finds-while-demand-for-healthcare