HCA409 Intro to HC Marketing

What are the most important actions an organization can take to create a successful marketing approach?
As we have been going through the materials from the book and other sources, a number of key actions have been identified to move an organization through a process to create a successful marketing approach that truly impacts the organization’s market share and their image in their market.
In addition to the materials we have covered, it is also helpful to focus on key steps successful organizations, in this case, Sharp HealthCare, in San Diego County, have taken to achieve outstanding outcomes from their marketing efforts.
This paper should address what you believe are the most important steps an organization may take to accomplish this critical goal.
Using the attached article and what you have learned thus far in the class, please complete the following steps:
Read the article “Marketing the Health Care Experience: Eight Steps to Infuse Brand Essence into Your Organization”.
Upon completion, identify 3-5 steps that you believe were/are the most important steps/actions that the organization took to begin/sustain their successful marketing plan/approach.
Explain the reasons that you chose these key steps or actions.
Explain what lessons you have learned from this case study of a successful marketing approach.
Have at least two references outside the assigned text and article, and must have APA formatting. The Written Assignment must reflect graduate-level writing and thinking.