Group Intervention

Although some members may not benefit, it is important for the clinical social worker to identify the positive aspects that he/she is witnessing. This strategy may create a feeling of empowerment for the members.
For this Discussion, it may be helpful to review the video of the “Levy” group session again.…
By Day 4
Post your description of at least three benefits that are evident in the “Levy” group video. Describe ways this group session has been effective in helping the members of the group.
By Day 6
Respond to a colleague who identified a different benefit in the video. Describe how the social worker’s role as leader impacts the effectiveness of group intervention.
Colleague 1:Stacey
Benefits of Process Group
There are a variety of benefits displayed in the Levy group. Group members Jake and Bill shared their experiences adjusting to civilian life. The first benefit of the group is their ability to share their experiences in a safe environment without being judged. Although the group topic was sensitive in nature, the group members still felt comfortable disclosing their personal experiences. For instance, Jake shared that he drinks to “shut out images” of his experiences while on active duty. According to Westwood et al. (2010), veterans returning to civilization are more likely to develop post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD). The second benefit of this process group is the relatability among the group members. For instance, Bill and Jake shared how they use beer to cope with their daily struggles. Although Bill and Jake developed unhealthy coping skills, it allowed the group members the ability to share a commonality and identify how their drinking has negatively impacted their lives. Thus, peer support benefits the group by reducing their feelings of being overwhelmed with emotions (Westwood et al., 2010). Peer support assists veterans with process their feelings instead of internalizing them. The third benefit of the process group is the facilitator’s ability to empower and encourage the group members by validating their experiences yet challenging them to explore the impact of their trauma. Furthermore, the Levy group video provides the group members with a safe environment that promotes self-awareness, emotional expression, and cognitive reframing to process their trauma.
Effective Group Session
This group has effectively assisted members with processing their trauma by creating a sense of brotherhood. According to Westwood et al. (2010), veteran groups involve built-in peer input and the potential for interpersonal support and social regulation benefits. For instance, in the case of Jake, he disclosed that he does not feel comfortable with revealing the trauma to his wife, which created tension in his marriage. This group allowed Jake to identify how his behavior and drinking have negatively impacted his relationship with his wife. Also, the group provides Jake with the ability to disclose his symptoms of PTSD, such as nightmares which will assist in his healing process.
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