Government Regulations and Technology

Government Regulations and Technology

You will investigate some HIS laws and research reports.

Governmental agencies are responsible for healthcare industry regulations. In addition, the government passes laws and regulations on the proper implementation and use of Health Information Systems (HIS). Failure to follow government HIS regulations will result in penalties and non-reimbursement for services, creating financial woes for the healthcare organization.


1. HIS Impact on Health Care Systems. Identify one important law and/or research report that marked the U. S. governments’ involvement in HIS activities. Include the following information:
a. The law or research report (by who, when, purpose). (provide two paragraphs)
b. The impact or change it makes on current healthcare systems. (provide two paragraphs)
Length: For the law and/or research report, provide two paragraphs on a and b, each.

Do not chooawzse HIPPA or HITECH Act