Global Studies Question

Use the checklist from the home page and resources found in the Background information section.
Try reading your paper out loud, or have someone read your paper while you listen. Reading out loud by yourself or another can reveal errors that you would otherwise miss. Remember that this is your FINAL submission. This project will serve to define your professional talents.
Finally, submit the paper.
Assignments should be about 15 pages double-spaced, not counting the cover or Reference page(s). Adhere to the following format: a) Cover page, b) Header, c) Body, d) Citations, e) Reference section. Submit your assignment by the last day of this module.
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Overall Feedback that needs fixing for this Capstone ProjectAssignment-Driven Criteria:This is a good paper on Wildfire in the State of California. The paper could be improved with additional content, and consideration.Some suggestions to improve the paper include:Recommendations:- The paper should discusses how in the National Response Framework and the National Incident Management System prepares communities for this type of disaster. Include the discussion any local plans that are currently in place.- Provide additional discussion on the how the local, state and federal levels link during preparedness, mitigation response and recovery. There are several laws in place to include Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief, Emergency Assistance Act (Public Law 93-288) as amended Homeland Security Act of 2002, Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5, Homeland Security Presidential Directive 8, and the Post-Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act of 2006- The paper should address the private sector contributions and refer to the NRF Private Sector Coordination Support Annex. Many of these services would be secured through a contract arrangement and included in the emergency plans. – Discuss the State of California Emergency Plan