Global Affairs GLBAFF 220

Global Affairs GLBAFF 220 Introduction to Global Affairs
Instructions for the Writing assignments
Students are required to submit FIVE (5) writing assignments for a total of 60% of your final grade.
If you do not submit the assignments in the order that they are assigned, then I will not accept and
grade the next assignment. All 5 assignments must be submitted.
The goal of the writing assignments is that they should all be using the same topic and will lead you to
lead to writing a substantive research paper.
These are the due dates for each assignment which can also be found on the syllabus.
*Please note that instructions for each assignment are located in the ASSIGNMENT link within the
Blackboard course site. You will submit your assignments in the same link. Your DRAFT and your
FINAL PAPER will be run through a plagiarism checker.
DUE DATES for writing assignments:
#1: RESEARCH PROPOSAL – DUE by Sunday, February 13th @ 11:59 PM EST
#2 OUTLINE – DUE by Sunday, February 27th @ 11:59 PM EST
#3 ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY – DUE by Sunday, March 13th @ 11:59 PM EST
#4 DRAFT – DUE by Sunday, April 17th @ 11:59 PM EST
#5 FINAL PAPER – DUE by Sunday, May 15th @ 11:59 PM EST
– this is worth 5 points
This assignment will include your proposed topic of your own choosing that is related to Global Affairs.
You should start by choosing a broad topic, but then you are going to need to narrow the focus of your
topic and research significantly in order to start to research effectively
You should include a proposed title of your proposal which should be short, accurate, and clear. A single
sentence containing ten or fewer words is best.
You should include a brief (about 250 word) summary of the project, including: The writing assignments
might consist of many of following: the project or question(s), the significance and/or relevance of the
topic, the audience, methodology, among other elements that might make sense given your specific
In order to come up with a broad are of interest I would suggest either thinking about something in the
area of global affairs and international issues that interests you – all you have to do is watch or read the
daily news where you should be able to find a topic that will work or you can also look through your text
book which covers many of the issues in global affairs.
I would highly encourage you to reach out to me to set up a phone call, Zoom, or WhatsApp etc. to
discuss some possible areas of interest.
Assignment # 2.) OUTLINE
– this is worth 10 points
You outline should include your main heading and sub-headings. Having bullet points and main ideas at
this stage is fine, as long as there is enough information so I that I know what your idea or connect it
doesn’t need to be full or complete sentences.
For some guidance with Outlines please see:
For help with learning why an outline might be helpful and how to create one, see:
Ultimately, it should look something like:
I. INTRODUCTION (this will include your thesis sentence)
A. First point
1. Sub-point
1. Sub-point of sub-point 1
You may have several BODY paragraphs that should follow the same format as above. Your final section
will be a CONCLUSION where you wrap up your analysis.
– this is worth 10 points
– you should have 10-12 sources. While the use of things like newspaper and magazine articles that are
timely, relevant and on point, you should also make sure that you are using authoritative articles (those
you can find on Google Scholar or via the UMB online library sources).
– Annotation refers to giving a summary and evaluation of the source. So essentially, what is the source,
where does it get its authority from, how will it help you in your research.
For help understanding an Annotated Bibliography, see:
– this should be in the MLA citation format (if you want to use a different citation style you must get my
permission first)
– a reminder that no matter what citation format that you are using it should be alphabetized.
– For help with citation formatting see:
Assignment #4.) DRAFT
– this is worth 10 points
This should include a title page, your bibliography (which does not need to be annotated for this
assignment) and should include full sentences. I understand that you may not have completed your
research or writing at this stage, so notations about how you plan to further develop the section or what
arguments or analysis you will be making is fine.
There is no page requirement for the DRAFT, but obviously the more that is there the more that I can
comment on.
Assignment # 5.) FINAL PAPER
– this is worth 25 points
Please realize that each of the previous writing assignments builds upon each other.
This should include a title page, your bibliography (which does not need to be annotated for this
assignment) and should include the topical headings/sub-headings from your Outline (assignment #3).
The final paper should be approximately 15 pages in length, which includes the title page and no more
than 2 pages for the bibliography. You should plan to use approximately 12 sources for your paper.
ALL of these assignments should be formatted in the following way
Font size 12: use a normal font such as Calibri or Times New Roman
1” margins all-around
Include page numbers
The use of in-text citation, foot notes or end notes are all acceptable
For your Bibliography, a reminder that no matter what citation format that you are using it should be
Please note that neither nor Wikipedia are a valid academic source for citation purposes.
Do not cite the text book as a source.
Students can use the UMass Boston online library system and the JSTOR system and other electronic
data bases available at Healey library online for their research.