Course Number: CHEM-101

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Course Name: Introduction to Chemistry


Semester:  2022 Summer Session (1st five weeks)




Presentation Title:



Date of Presentation:



Signature Assignment

Each student will choose a presentation topic from the provided list that is relevant to the theme of “Chemistry and Science Awareness” and to this course. Topics will be available to sign-up on a “first come first serve basis”. Topics must be selected by the deadline indicated on the laboratory schedule below. If no topic is selected by the deadline, then you will lose 5 points for signature assignment.  

The presentation will consist of a PowerPoint and a Paper.  Both must contain a bibliography. All sources must be properly cited including in-text citations using APA format. A minimum of four sources must come from appropriate scientific journals (news reports, editorials, internet reports are acceptable only if these sources also cite published information from scientific journals).

Each student will orally present with the aid of the PowerPoint. You can use other visual aids. Each student will speak for 5 – 6 minutes at minimum but no more than 8 minutes. Your presentation must also be in the written format. The paper must contain the same content that will be presented in the PowerPoint presentation, except for visuals (visuals should only be included in the PowerPoint presentation). The paper will consist of 4 – 5 pages (not counting the Reflective essay and Reference’s page), typed, double spaced, size 10, Book Antiqua font. If you need assistance, you can send me a copy of your presentation for evaluation & comments.  No text should be underlined unless it is hyperlinked.  All text must be written in black color. 

A draft copy and the final version of your presentation (WORD only), along with the PowerPoint, must be submitted electronically in on Canvas by the deadline dates indicated in the laboratory schedule below. The final work must have been checked by the writing consultant at the Academic Services – a free service for the students in the course.


Assignment Directions

Project Summary

Signature assignment will involve the following:

  • identify and research a topic from the instructor’s list,
  • write a research paper,
  • submit a short self-reflection essay.

You will use Canvas to submit a draft and a final copy of your assignment. A hands-on project is not required for this assignment, but students are encouraged to include one if relevant to the topic.


Using Interdisciplinary Approach

You are to explore issues through creative, interdisciplinary, and innovative approaches. Try connecting facts or theories from more than one perspective or idea.


Length of the Paper: 

The length of the paper should be between 4-5 pages for CHEM-101, double spaced with 10 or 12-point Book Antiqua font. The length requirement for the paper does not include title page, self-reflection, references, figures, and tables.


PowerPoint Guidelines:

PowerPoint must be about 15 slides not including cover page and references. Use maximum of three colors with one of the appropriates images as the background of your presentation slide. Keep the slides simple with no more than 7 words of text excluding the title and in-text citation for each slide. First page should include the title and the presenters’ name. A short video is allowed but it cannot be more than 20 – 30 seconds long. 

Practice your presentation several times before the presentation date. No note cards will be allowed.  


Written Report Guidelines 

The paper should demonstrate your understanding of the chosen topic and should be well organized. Your paper should contain the following parts in the order given.  

  1. Title: The title must be short and relevant. A copy of the title page is given at the end of this syllabus. It should contain no other information.
  2. Abstract: The abstract must first state the purpose of the research or experiment and briefly state the results. Then briefly describe the experimental method if applicable. This should be about 5-6 sentences making up about half a page.
  3. Main Body: This should start with an introduction where you will provide the reason for choosing the topic, what chemistry principles are in play, and what you set out to learn. Be sure to include any formulas, chemical structures, and chemical equations if relevant to your topic. If there is a reaction mechanism involved, show all the steps of the mechanism in as much detail as possible. Then it should state the Outcomes where you will provide your findings that could include data, tables, graphs, and diagrams. If appropriate, include your data and results. If your topic is relatively new where enough information is not available, you can include similar topics (such as elements) in your discussion but provide justification for doing so.
  4. Conclusion: Here the main results of the research must be summarized. You should include your outlook as to the future use of your topic in society. This should be about 5-6 sentences making up about half a page.
  5. Self-reflection: This part should describe your personal feelings about your topic while addressing each of the 4 goals below. This section should be clearly indicated on your report on a separate page. Each signature assignment must include this reflective or metacognitive component. Address each of the GE1, GE2, GE4, and GE6 in a separate paragraph of 5-6 sentences. Here, you will integrate skills and knowledge related to the following General Education goals

GE1:                    Communicate ideas in written, oral, and other modes as appropriate to a situation and audience.

GE2:         Apply quantitative and scientific reasoning skills relevant to a field of study.

GE4:            Evaluate sources of information for accuracy, relevance, and reliability.

GE6:   Explore issues through creative, interdisciplinary, and innovative approaches


  1. References: section using the APA citation format. A minimum of 4 references are required of which at least 2 of the references cited should be non-internet resources. These should be on a separate page.

An example of APA format:

Wegener, D. T., & Petty, R. E. (1994). Mood management across affective states: The hedonic contingency hypothesis. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 66, 1034-1048.