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1Paired Assignment Information& RequirementsIn this assignment, you and your partner will prepare a fundraising event for an organization of your choice. The assignment involveschoosing an organization (Part 1), organizing a fundraising eventand preparing a poster advertisement (Part 2).By the end of the assignment, you will have got to know another student, identified their skills and your skills, built on each others’ skillsand ideas, problem solved, and organized a major event together.Please note that you can find your pair assignments in MyLS by clicking on the “Groups” tab at the top of the tool bar. You will have each others university email, so you can send messages to one another. This email should be used. This is to ensure that everyone is able to fully participate. As a note, if you are having difficulty connecting with your partner, please email me right away. In your email, be sure to make note of your partners name. If you have issues and leave this until the very end of the term, there is little I can do to help. Important Specifications for your assignmentYou will submit:1.Aword document outlining the purpose of the organization and why you chose this organization (Part 1)2.An Event Plan (Part 2)3.A Poster advertising the event in .pdf formatFormatting of the word documentThere is a page limit of 2pages double spaced for the written part of the assignment and one page for the poster(8.5 x 11 inch). An easy way tothink about this is page 1 for the organization, page 2 for the detailed event plan, and then one page for the poster. You can play around with the first 2 pages (e.g., your organization section includes all the requiredinformation and is ¾page long, and so your event plan can then be 1¼pages long). You may choose to outline the details of your event in table format, which allows for easy gradingand can save space if you are tight. Many students choose to use the table format to address tasks and the schedule of events, but this is up to you and your partner. Youcan write in bullet form.Please don’t forget to provide references and dates for the sources that you cite (e.g., websites, documentation from the organization, etc.) Assignments are due the last day of the corresponding week by 11:59pm.This assignment is due at the end of Week 10 (Sunday, 11.59pm)All Laurier students have free access to Microsoft Office 365 for students follow this link if you don’t already have your copy: a copy of the assignment files. Be careful to upload the mostupdated version of your documents. You can alsotake screen shots or use the snipping tool under Accessories to take shots of the flyer and save it on your computer. If you want, you can take a screenshot once you have submitted to the Dropbox and share with your partner.Only one person needs to submit the assignment to the Dropbox Paired Assignment but be sure to include both last names in the file name, e.g., Qi and Baggins.docx)

2Part 1 Choose alocal communityor internationalorganization.Discusswith your partner(online, of course!) the types of organizations you would like to get involved with, for example, organizations that serve kidsor thehomeless, people in a famine, provide schooling to immigrants, clean water initiatives, etc. The list is endless. I caution you to pick something that you are really interested inas it is hard to work on something that does not interest you. It is OK if you and your partner choose an organization that was not top of your list. The key is being able to work togetherand be productive.Once you have narrowed down the general area that you are both interested in, begin researching some relevant organizations. It is up to you and your partner how you divide this task. You could each have an organization to research, for example, and then regroup and discuss. Here are some questions that will help you to focus your search.Include these questions with their answers in your submitted document.a)What kind of organization is it?b)How long has it existed?c)Whom do they serve?d) Why are you interested in this organization?Once you have decided on the organization, prepare a justification(together) that provides all of the informationthat you need to know when you do your (imaginary) fundraising. There are countless organizations asking for donations during this difficult COVID period. How might you convince someone to donate to yourorganization?Here are some questions that you canask to help with this part.These questions will also help guide you in the event you choose to organize.You do not need to include these questionsin the submitted document. e)What might you want to do at this organization?f)What challenges might you encounter and how might you deal with these challenges?g)What kinds of tasks might you be assigned, and how might these relate to your course, program, or areas of interest?h)How might this experience relate to your shortand longterm goals?Part 2 Plan your community eventYour hypothetical eventcan be any event of your choosing (e.g., bake sale, community BBQ, fundraising event, children’s event in the park etc.) I challenge you to be creative. The common events are BBQ, Carwashes and Bake Sales, so if you can think outside of the box and come upwith something unique, this is always a bonus! As a pair outline the following: The Organization1. Develop a planfor your event (what event, where, how, who?) Be sure to be detailed here, tell me exactly what you will be planning, and all the necessary components surrounding this event including: a. The cause you are supporting via this event/the purpose of holding this event3b. Whereit will be held (and why you chose this locale) c. How you plan on advertisingyour event e.g., distributing flyers for your event, social mediad. Who might attend this eventand why (i.e., who is your audience?) e. You have $500 for the event. Draft up a basic budgetwith a list of supplies and services that might be needed. Think about what you might need and assign approximate values. Can you put on the event with $500? If not, look again at your budget and see where you might cut a cost or find a cheaper alternative. This does not have to be in great detailI am looking for a list of items/services with their approximate cost. It might be helpful to round up to the nearest $5 increment (e.g., $49.03 $50) but you do not have to do this.This component shows that you have thought about what you might need, and the approximate cost associated with these supplies. 2. Assign event tasksto each member (decide who will be responsible for what before, during and after the event). Include a schedule of tasks with associated deadlines foryour event. Who will do what, when… Be specific. It is not enough to say “event set up”. What about set up? Give specific details as if someone else were hired to carry out the event by following out outlined event plan. 3. Develop a schedule(i.e., the timing)of tasks with associated deadlines.4. Keep your documentsyou will need to submit these. 5. Prepare a poster advertising your event. You can choose to use any other tool you would like(e.g., Powerpoint). If you choose CANVA, you will need to sign up for this free site using an existing email. For information about how to create a new flyer in CANVA, click on As a student you can get Microsoft Office from Laurier which includes PowerpointThe Poster to advertise the eventYou will want to include the following in your poster: Name of event Time Location be specific here! A broad address might not be enough, mention landmarks etc. IS the location easy to find?Purpose of the event why and who might benefit if you are listing an organization name, be sure to explain what they do. Any fees, information attendees will need to know Details of the event (will there by food, whatevents will be going on etc.) At least one image (you can go to to access royalty free images,,, creative commons, etc.) Submit the written document in .docx form and the poster in .pdf form to the Dropbox.WELL DONE!

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