four scales of measurement

For this assignment, choose any two variables that a social scientist might measure, and indicate which of the four scales of measurement best describes it. However, each example must come from a different scale. For instance, if your first example is on the nominal scale, the second example must be on a different scale. Finally, for each of your examples, indicate whether the data would be “discrete” or “continuous.” A review of these concepts can be found in Module 1, or in the textbook. There is no word limit for this initial post, as long as you meet the above requirements.
Once you submit this post, you will then have access to everyone else’s posts, at which point you must then respond to at least one other student by adding to their discussion, perhaps asking them a question, or reacting to their post in a meaningful way. There is no word limit for the response component, but as indicated in the syllabus, there must be substance to your post (simply saying “I agree with you” or “great post” or “nice job” is usually not enough to add value to the discussion).