Food Safety Plan

A Food Safety Program is a ‘live document’ that outlines how a business will proactively identify and control food safety hazards when producing, manufacturing, or handling food. It’s designed and managed by a Food Safety Supervisor on behalf of a food business.
Food Safety Plan (FSP)should include the following:
Identify all potential food safety hazards that may be reasonably expected to occur in the food business’ operations
Identify solutions for controlling these hazards
Include daily records that demonstrate regular measurement and observation for each of the controls
Provide procedures for corrective action when a hazard is found to not be under control
Provide for the regular review of the program by the food business to ensure its adequacy
Include a documented mechanism that outlines basic food safety procedures should the Food Safety Supervisor become absent
Each one should contain at least one page of content. You should have a Title page, no less than 6 pages of content, citations throughout the Food Safety Plan, and a reference page. Please use APA format; 12 point font;
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