Five Best Practices Guide for a Memorable Presentation

For this assignment, create a guide that can be shared with others. The guide will be called “Five Ways to Create a Memorable Presentation.” Be creative when building guide. There are no right or wrong ideas to include in your guide, and this should be a reflection of public speaking, and multimedia presentations.

The guide should list five best practices with approximately a half-page description of each one. Be sure to justify each best practice, describing it using scholarly writing by including data, evidence, and supporting sources. In addition, be sure to display professional writing skills by formatting the brochure in a visually appealing way that the audience will enjoy and find easy to follow (APA 7 format is not required for your guide, other than for the format of your sources). Please be sure to cite your sources within the guide that you create. Citations can be done unobtrusively (such as in a smaller font) with the design of your guide in mind.

The length should be 2 pages, or one trifold brochure, or one visually appealing handout (be creative!) Is an Infographic applicable for this assignment using the guidelines above?????? Make sure graphics is used to illustrate best practices.

The references should be in APA 7 format. At least 5 scholarly sources are required, with a minimum of 1 source supporting each best practice. Be sure to cite your sources within the guide itself in addition to a reference list (APA 7 format).

***Make sure the required length of the assignment is 2 pages excluding the title page and reference list

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