Final Project: Family Involvement Plan

Your presentation should include EIGHT different ways that teachers could encourage family involvement in their classrooms next year (beyond just asking a family member to volunteer). Of course, your presentation will be based on your experiences with your own class/school. You will have a handout, providing your suggestions, to give to the attendees at the professional development session. Be creative with your handout!! You want your attendees to have an enjoyable experience.
There are many ideas throughout chapter 13. Please provide the following for the EIGHT that you have selected.
Provide a title for the family involvement opportunity.
Describe the family involvement opportunity.
Explain why you selected each family involvement opportunity.
Provide details as to who you would target, what time of the year you would initiate the opportunity, etc.
Share the desired outcome/benefits of the family involvement opportunity.
Include any materials, tools, etc. that might be required for each opportunity.
10 points for each family involvement opportunity= 80 points total
10 points for punctuation, grammar, and spelling.
10 points for creativity of the handout.