Final Paper Template

Final Paper Template
MLA Style (to include but not limited to)
• Margins – should be 1 inch on all sides
• Title – Capitalize only the first letter of the first word and
all important words in the title
• Spacing – Double space throughout the paper, even for
notes, block quotations, and bibliographical entries
• Indenting – 5 spaces (1/2 inch) at the beginning of each
paragraph and note
• Quoting – When quoting directly, use quotation marks or
block form. Construct a clear, grammatically correct
sentence introducing or incorporation a quotation with
complete accuracy
• References – Center the title Reference for the list of
works you used at the top margin of a new page after
completion of the text of the paper. Include all works cited
in the paper
Student Full Name
Paper Title
Professor Name
Class Name and Course Number
Page 1
Paragraph 1 – Intro
Introduce the selected theory
Paragraph 2 – Body I
Why does this theory best represent the reasons for crime to you?
Page 2
Paragraph 3 – Body II
How does this theory compare to one other theory we discussed?
Paragraph 4 – Body III
How does this theory explain the causation of white-collar crimes?
Page 3
Paragraph 5 – Conclusion
Summation and solidify your selection argument
Page 4
Reference Page (2 required)