Final Exam – 115 Points  HISTORY 102  Part I – Identification (50 Points) Choose FIVE (5) of

Final Exam – 115 Points 


Part I – Identification (50 Points)

Choose FIVE (5) of the following terms and in paragraph form identify (who, what, when, where, how) and discuss the significance of EACH term; being sure to place the term in historical context.  Each identification should be at least two paragraphs.  Each term/identification is worth 10 points.   


March on Rome

Operation Torch

Battle of Britain 

Great Purge


Five Year Plan

The Shah of Iran

Reagan Doctrine

Cuban Revolution 



Chairman Mao

 Part II – Essay (65 Points)

Answer only ONE (1) of the following questions in essay form. This essay should be at least 5 paragraphs in length (a paragraph is about 6-8 sentences). You should have an introduction with a thesis, body paragraphs to support your thesis, and a conclusion. It is important to answer the question completely, especially focusing on why this concept is significant.

Explain the rise of totalitarian ideologies and governments in Russia and Germany in the 20th century.  How and why are communism and fascism alike?  Why do they both result in genocide?  

How do you explain Allied victory in WWII in Europe and the Pacific? Consider specific battles, economics, and specific leaders.    

Why did the Cold War happen?  What were the key crisis points of the Cold War? Why is the Cold War still relevant today?  What is its legacy?    

How did the First World War create the modern Middle East?  Why was the destruction of the Ottoman Empire so significant for the region?  

How did the Cold War impact Asia and South America?  

Compare and contrast the Chinese Communist Revolution with the Russian Revolution of 1917.  How were the similar?  What were the key differences?    

Instructions for Submission

This exam must be submitted through the SafeAssign link below according to the date on the Course Calendar.

Students may use their OWN notes taken from the modules and the textbook, nothing else, to complete the exam.

The exam will be accepted late; however, it will be penalized a letter grade for every day it is not turned in. For example, an “A” paper will become a “C” paper 2 days after the due date.