Film 120 Reflection Journal 2

In the documentary clip from Visions of Light, cinematographers talk about Welles and Toland “understanding all the rules they could break;” and, about the film as a “textbook” displaying “all the magnitude and magic” film had developed since its inception. At the same time, Citizen Kane revolutionized and reinvented film art, opening the doors to so much of modern cinema.
Watch: Watch: Citizen Kane , Visions of Light documentary
Using the sub-headings of Fabe’s chapter as your guide, explain a few connections “backwards,” to previous films, film history movements and film styles we have studied thus far in class. These can be loose connections; the goal is to demonstrate your familiarity with a few key film history topics we have studied, by relating them to select sections of her survey of Citizen Kane. (700 words, approx.)
Films you may reference to: The Grand Illusion, [alternate: Rules of the Game (Jean Renoir, 1939)], His Girl Friday,The Public Enemy , Queen Christina , Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde ,[alternate: The Mummy 1932]
Then, for the second concluding part of this reflection journal, make creative connections to any recent films or television, again focusing on a few of the specific technical and artistic aspects of Kane discussed by Fabe. (500 words, approx.)
Be as specific as you can, in clarifying your connections, and furnishing a few vivid examples.