extended definition memo

Provide a clear sentence definition of the term( safety Precautions) concept that appeals to laypeople
Gives readers a reason for wanting to know what you are telling them
Includes multiple graphics, such as:Icons
Charts or graphs (or other form of visualized data)

Explains the term, concept, or process and in what context it is used;
Presents information clearly and logically for the audience it is intended for.
Employs background information your readers can reasonably be assumed to have, but make sure that a correct understanding of the material does not rely on their knowing something that they may very well not know. (In other words, if your definition relies heavily on the readers’ understanding of some additional material, make sure your design explains that material unless it is common knowledge for those readers.)
Incorporates a composition of your design that applies at least one of the following definition techniques:examples,
principle of operation,
comparison and contrast,
Etymology/history of the term.

Document must be submitted as a PowerPoint or Image file with one of the following extensions: .ppt, .pptx., .png., or .jpeg
You may construct the infographic element using the word processing, presentation, or graphic design program of your choosingFormatting and design of the infographic version is at your discretion.
Contact me if you need assistance with document design for the infographic component.

Sourced images may be incorporated into the design, but these images MUST be accurately cited using APA or MLA documentation style.