Explore a Disorder

Please pick a psychological disorder category from the following options. Create a 1-2 page flyer designed to raise awareness about the disorder you choose among the general population. Please use graphics in your flyer (not just text). Think of what things grab your attention as a starting point). NO ANXIETY DISORDER CAN BE CHOSEN!!!
You may choose from the following:
Mood disorders
Obsessive-compulsive disorders and related disorders
Dissociative disorders
Personality disorders
Eating disorders
Disorders in childhood

Research your chosen disorder category.
Create a flyer that addresses the following:
Define the disorder category
History of the disorder (how it was perceived and explained throughout history)
Risk factors for the disorder
Who the disorder impacts most frequently (age, gender, race)
Recommended treatment and ways to get help (hint- provide resources to a local treatment center/hotline if possible).
2 ways to reduce the stigma around this psychological disorder
Make sure to CITE your sources