Expectations for Your Reports

Expectations for Your Reports

In general, your reports are expected to provide the level of detail that the intended reader would require in a practical context. This means that you need to report in a clear manner any information that will be helpful to the client in making their decision, e.g., deciding whether or not to purchase a property. Therefore, your report must cover all pertinent information, be well-organized, and professionally presented.


Report Specifications

Below are some specific guidelines for preparing and submitting your projects:

  • Font of 11 point or larger, 12 point
  • Preferred line spacing is 5.
  • Preferred margins are a maximum of 5 inches.
  • Pages must be numbered consecutively in the top right corner, separately numbered for the report body and
  • All sources of information relied upon in producing your submission should be carefully documented in a bibliography or list of references (references used should be acknowledged).
  • Appendices should be clearly annotated and referenced to content in the body of your report. Appendices should NOT include any printout or data that are not referenced in the report, e., do not fill your appendix with unnecessary details, as this weakens the impact and readability of your report.

Keep in mind that your assignment submission is expected to be logically organized and look professional. There will be marks allocated for presentation.



You are required to answer TWO following topics, and research and write a term paper of 500- 600 words for EACH topic. Your paper will be graded on your demonstrated ability to comprehensively investigate, analyze, and discuss the topic. Please answer the questions base on situation in Canada ONLY. Sample Report from other student attached in the materials, but don’t copy the same idea, the report will be put into turnitin system.


Topic 5: Consider a commercial building that you consider to be a candidate for a “green retrofit”. Explain why you believe this is a suitable candidate for this. Discuss short-term and long-term benefits associated with this green retrofit. Also discuss the costs of this retrofit in general terms (you do not need to research actual costs). Other topics you may wish to discuss: What components would you consider first when investigating this retrofit and how would you prioritize the potential improvements? Would it be eligible for third party rating and what benefit would this likely provide? How does lifecycle costing apply? Will the retrofit lead to a market value premium that offsets costs?


Topic 6:As building technologies move forward, they will have to reflect demand for both energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly construction methods. Discuss an innovation that meets one or both of these goals.