Expansion of Mental Health or Substance Abuse Services Business Plan

When adhering to guidelines set forth under legal mandates for health care reform, health care executives must weigh the opportunities and challenges of implementing new health service initiatives within the context of their health care organization. To what degree will new services be offered? What target population will be best served by expanded offerings? Are new staff members, pieces of equipment, or facilities required for expanding the types of health services being offered through the business development plan?

Questions such as these reflect just a fraction of the types of considerations health care executives need to keep in mind when developing and presenting to the board of directors a business plan for new health services in a health care organization.

you will individually create a PowerPoint presentation using the group assignment submitted. The PowerPoint presentation assignment is an individual assignment that uses the group assignment; This is not a group assignment. Using the group assignment you submitted in individually create and post your own PowerPoint presentation for your classmates to review. As you review each of your classmates’ presentations, reflect on the strengths and weaknesses of the recommendations in their presentations.
Please use group assignment attached and summarize business plan for an executive brief.