Enviormental Science

What is the most likely outcome of this practice?
1 overpopulation of fish species
2 increase in silt in surface water
3cultural eutrophication near the plant
4 increased oxygen levels in the surface water
5 high levels of radioactive material in surface water
A consumer rights group is suing a city for implementing mandatory car pool days. They claim that there is no scientific evidence to suggest that carpooling directly reduces the brownish smog over the city. Which of the following observations would indicate that smog is on the decline due to reduction in car exhaust? (1 point)
1 increased amounts of O3 in the troposphere
2 decreased amounts of O3 in the stratosphere
3 decreased amounts of NO2 formed around the city
4 increased amounts of O2 reported in high traffic areas
5 decreased amounts of UV light absorbed by the air directly above the city