ENGLISH: How to read

You should compose a discussion post (of approximately 200 words) in which you:
Think about the most interesting questions raised for you in “The Yellow Wallpaper”and zero in on a passage or pattern of details you’d like to explore further.
Describe why you were moved by this passage or pattern, and put it into context by including some quoting (include page number). Your passage can come from any part of Gilman’s story–beginning, middle, end.
Comment analytically on what you see. What’s important here? Does your passage or pattern link with what other posts have focused on, or complicate the picture, or show a progression, or take our discussion in another direction?
Finish by sharing at least two questions that can lead to further analysis / interpretation.
So, your final post should have 4 aspects: (1) a “frame” or set-up for the element or question you’re interested in, (2) a specific passage or pattern of details, (3) interpretive analysis of the above, and (4) spring-boarding for the thread’s ongoing conversation.
Your post should be well-crafted and proofread. (I suggest composing in a document and then pasting your final post into Canvas).
Before you begin your post: read everything that’s been contributed thus far. If one feature of the narrative has been getting quite a lot of attention in the posts, see if you can pull us towards something new, broadening and deepening the conversation.