English Composition II-Course Assignments


English Composition II-Course Assignments


Please read the applicable PowerPoint Study Guide and/or review the video tutorial before attempting any assignment.


There will also be a proctored assignment aside from these 5. Details of that assignment are provided below.


All assignments (aside from the proctored assignment) must be formatted using the MLA writing style guidelines.


All assignments should be submitted by email to


Please submit each assignment as its own file.


When you do send in assignments, please include identifying information including your name, the last 4 digits of your social security number, date of birth and the office with which you are working.


Important note:

Please note that the study materials for this course make reference to Internet sources. However, it is important to note that nothing in this course requires Internet access. All suggested sources of reference can be replaced by materials that are not online. For example, a suggestion that the students use sparknotes.com can be replaced by sparknotes or similar publications that are available in book stores or at libraries. References to editorials available online is made in the videos. However, please note that editorials can also be accessed in virtually any newspaper, including newspapers such as the Yated or Hamodia.


Another Important note:

These five assignments are apart from a proctored essay, which should be arranged with your representative. The proctored essay (Writing Assignment IV) does not require specific preparation of any particular materials. You will be presented at the time with all necessary materials.












Assignment #1



– The Lie, by Kurt Vonnegut

– Barn Burning, by William Faulkner


Write an approximately 500 word essay comparing and contrasting each main character’s initiation into adulthood. Include specific references from the story you discuss to support your thesis. You will include a list of “Works Cited” per the examples from your text, using the MLA writing style guidelines.

There is a sample student paper discussing these stories, but develop alternative approaches in your comparison/contrast. You can refer to outside critics to support your discussion.


Assignment #2

Choose a play and discuss the overriding theme or themes. Address it (or them) in your thesis sentence without using the word, “theme.” You can also compare and contrast your play with another that exhibits similar thematic traits. Your text has a number of them. You will include a list of “Works Cited” per the examples from your text, using the MLA writing style guidelines.


Minimum length: 500 words


Suggested play:

Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose


Assignment #3

Your 500 word essay should analyze multiple poems. Discuss how the poet’s theme is presented by analyzing his or her type of form, word choice, images, tone, etc. Emphasize word choice and tone in your analysis because those factors can affect your writing choices in essays. You will include a list of “Works Cited” per the examples from your text, using the MLA writing style guidelines.


Assignment #4

Proctored Essay

This must be arranged with your representative to be live proctored.


You will be given two short stories. You will be asked to compare and contrast to demonstrate how they treat the same theme.


You will write an essay relying upon the stories you are given, knowledge of your particular topic. At the time of the essay you will be given appropriate directions to complete this essay.


You will have 2 hours to complete this proctored essay.


Assignment #5

Choose a short story, play or poem. Relying upon your own analysis and literary critics you find, draw upon those earlier examples of literary criticism (Appendix A of your text), to aid you to identify possible bias (political, gender-based, racial, etc.). Demonstrate how the author reveals this bias or ideological predisposition.


Then explore literary criticism that either supports or refutes the view that bias does in fact, exist, or suggests another inherent meaning.  Provide a cogent, logically reasoned thesis you can support with evidence through an informed discussion. You will include a list of “Works Cited” per the examples from your text, using the MLA writing style guidelines.


Minimum: 500 words


Assignment #6

Decide upon a particular author or poet from your study. Write a 500-word (minimum) literary argument essay justifying why your choice reflects an example of excellent authorship. You would presumably select an author as a “favorite” because she or he best demonstrates those characteristics of the genre that reflect an effective message or theme that resonates with the reader.


Essentially, you cannot rely upon a judgment that the poem is the “best” or finest short story as a basis for your thesis. Rather, what denotes the best example of a poem or short story? What should the essential elements be?


What should the reader expect in such a piece of writing? Again, refer to critics or commentators for guidance. What do they say? Identify a specific work that you will use to analyze. You can also compare and contrast your author with others of that same genre. Cite examples. Don’t forget to cite your sources.