English 101 Thesis Outline

Using all of this as a guide, write your own thesis statement and outline. Your thesis statement should 1) name both articles, by their title, 2) give the strengths and weaknesses of each article, and 3) say which article you believe is more effective. Your outline should follow the organization laid out in the thesis statement. This is a compare-and-contrast project, which you can take one of two ways: you can proceed one rhetorical appeal at a time (e.g. logos in Article #1, logos in Article #2, pathos in Article #1, pathos in Article #2) or you can proceed one article at a time (logos, then pathos, then ethos in Article #1, logos, then pathos, then ethos in Article #2). Please include quotations from the articles to support each point.
David M. Kennedy, “Our National Parks: Another Idea,” High Country News, 26 October 2021