elect a group and a behavior to change.You may choose a family group, a

elect a group and a behavior to change.
You may choose a family group, a social group, or a community group. Include information about environmental factors that may impact delivery of health promotion activities. For example, you might discuss if the group is rural or urban. access to transportation or computers and the impact (positive or negative) that these factors may have on routinely accessing health promotion information or attending group events such as health fairs.  Describe the characteristics and makeup of the group you selected. Include your rationale for why this behavior is a concern and include qualitative and/or quantitative data to support your choice.
Step 2 Select a health-promotion intervention to change a health behavior of the identified group. This may be a health-promotion intervention that is currently being implemented, or something original that you propose. Clearly describe the intervention you would like to implement.
Step 3 Describe the framework of the social marketing of this plan by using the following framework:
Identify the product, cost of implementation, availability of resources to implement, and the promotion of the plan.
Step 4 Explain the evaluation process to determine whether the social marketing was successful. Make sure that you include what benchmark or percentage of participants would indicate success.
Cite any sources in APA format.
Step 5 Save and submit your assignment.