Editing a Powerpoint that is already provided

Present a verbal PowerPoint summary (10-15 minutes) to the class. I have provided the time that you will present. Please make sure you are on during your presentation time. This meeting will be recorded if you’re unable to attend the entire session. Please make sure you listen to the entire recording if unable to attend the entire session. Students will then respond in the discussion threads (participation) with their feedback. The discussion thread will be open until 7.23.2021.
Presentation must cover the following aspects:
1. Show a systematic process
2. Include background information about population and rationale for the identified need.
3. Provide a theoretical framework for the health behavior screening and intervention using appropriate theory of health behavior/promotion. Define and Explain targeted behavior change/action and how it is related to the health promotion theory for the project and expected outcome supported by the theory.
4. Identify environmental, interpersonal, and other barriers toward health behavior for your population. Address impact of applicable policy and regulatory issues and controversies.
5. Report follow up after period of intervention (if conducted).
Please make sure the presentation covers all the points, I’ll attach a paper I wrote to accompany the paper and a draft powerpoint I was working on