Economics of crime.

Paper: Students will prepare a paper within the broad area of the economics of crime. Students will choosethe topic in consultation with the instructor. This paper will involve an extensive literature review thatcovers an area of the students choosing.The goal of the paper is to achieve the following:1.) Clearly state the topic of interest and identify the research question of interest. Discuss why the chosenarea of research is important from a theoretical or policy perspective.2.) Find, at minimum, 5 published articles in reputable economics journals to review. Doing so, be sureto explain:- Why did you select each article and how the research question in the articles relate to yourtopic/area of interest.- Summarize the research question, empirical methods and results of each paper- Discuss what you think are the merits and shortcomings of each paper. Assess overall whetherthe paper was convincing or not. Are there any room for improvement?3.) Based on your review, provide an answer to your research question. What is the state of the literatureand what does the preponderance evidence support? Assess both evidence in support and in opposition tothe relationship of interest. Discuss what are the major questions that are still unanswered and where doyou think future research on this topic should focus?Research Paper TemplateI. Title page. Title of your paper, your name, and an abstract that is no more than 100 words in length.II. Introduction. A clear, concise statement of the question of interest. Convince the reader why this isinteresting and important. (1-3 pages)III. Literature review. Review the relevant research you have found. Make sure to address goal #2above. (3-6 pages)IV. Summary and possible extensions of the literature. Conclude what you have learned from theliterature review and address goal #3. (2-4 pages)V. References. Any articles cited in your paper or sources you consulted must be included in your list ofreferences at the end of your paper. The style of references is up to you (MLA, APA, etc.), just stayconsistent.