Each student will write a paper dealing with an event or person of importance

Each student will write a paper dealing with an event or person of importance in the TWENTIETH CENTURY, the format of and for which will be discussed in class, and students will use historical research techniques to supplement the readings in order to satisfy the requirements of the assignments.  The paper is due on WEDNESDAY, July 21st and no stories or excuses regarding why it is late will be accepted or acceptable.  (You will lose ten points for each day that the paper is late.) Seventy percent (70%) of the students enrolled in the course at the end of the semester will achieve an assessment score of 3 or higher on a scale of 5 on this writing assignment which will assess general education/distribution learning outcomes as measured by a written/oral performance criteria/rubric (attached to syllabus) developed to score the assignment.
      A word of caution: if you quote, paraphrase, or summarize any materials, you must use a citation to indicate where the original information was obtained.  Failure to do so will be considered plagiarism (see below) so be sure that you have documented your information and have included a bibliography.  Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source, nor are blogs, so PLEASE do not use them, and remember that, in academic writing, there is no such thing as, “oh, I put it in my own words.”  Whether you did or not, you got or took the material from somewhere and that source MUST be properly shown.  Footnoting, documentation and use of references will be discussed in class. DON’T BE A PLAGIARIZER.