Dutchman Paper

Dutchman Paper
For this paper, you will discuss the role of the city as a setting in Amiri Baraka (LeRoi Jones’s) Dutchman. In a fully formed essay, explain how the play reflects the tensions of city life and how it feels in the current time period.
You should choose specific examples from the text to show how and why the setting affects how the characters interact with each other. Do not simply summarize or re-tell the story: use the specific examples from the text to show how the space they’re in makes them act the way they do, what prompts those actions and add your own analysis of the events of the text to explain what’s happening in the play. You will also need to include outside sources for this assignment. You will need a minimum of three (3) published sources from newspapers, magazines or journals as follows:
• One must be a review or analysis of the play published in the 1960s
• One muse be a review or analysis published after the year 2000
• One should be an interview or commentary from either Baraka (LeRoi Jones) himself or someone who directed or acted in any production of the play Note that the last source will be a primary source and this can come from anywhere—including YouTube.
To do well on this assignment:
• Review your notes on the play and re-read key sections.
• Focus on analysis (your interpretation of what you’re reading in the book) instead of summary (simply re-telling the story).
• Start early and plan to write multiple drafts of your work.
• Proofread carefully to eliminate spelling and punctuation errors and consider visiting Lehman’s writing center for assistance.
• Choose good sources, read them carefully, and cite them properly Format:
• Papers should be approximately 1500 words in length (about 5 pages), plus required works cited page), • Typed, double spaced, 12-point Times font (this is Times) and 1” margins.
• Please pay close attention to format, punctuation, and style.
• Put your name and preferred email address on the top left corner of the first page. Graded papers will be returned to this address. Please double-check to make sure you’ve typed it correctly!
• Number pages (except the first) in the top right corner
• MS Word format files only. Sources and citations
• Outside sources are required for this assignment
• Any sources used should be done using the Modern Language Association (MLA) format, which is standard for the humanities.
• All sources should be listed on the works cited page at the end of the paper.
• A good online resource is Purdue University’sawz Online Writing Lab (OWL).