Dr. John Gottman’s Research on Marital Communication

John Gottman and then use the information from the previous two activities in this module to write a reflection essay.
Now, write a 3 pages Reflection Essay describing your thoughts about Gottman’s theories and your experience with the relationship exercises. Consider these questions:
What were some of the important points that were “take-aways” for you from the various readings on the Gottman sites?
What do you agree with? Disagree with?
What do you think is relevant? What is helpful? Is there anything that you find objectionable?
Describe the experience of completing the exercises with respect to your personal relationships. Be specific. Discuss The Love Map and The Four Horsemen. You do not have to disclose the specifics of your exercise responses (unless you are comfortable doing so). You may just describe the concepts and your general experience and its relevance for your circumstances.
Did you enjoy this experience? Why or why not?