Dopamine Agonist Levodopa Carbidopa (Parkinson’s Disease)

Using APA Format, present the information on the drug
Be descriptive and explanatory. This is a chance for you to dive deeper into the topic. This information should also be compiled and presented to your classmates in collaboration with your power point.

The presentation is based off the written paper on the drug classifications for the disease process assigned (DO NOT FOCUS ON DISEASE) that includes the: clinical manifestations, diagnostics/labs used to confirm therapeutic levels, complications, medical management, nursing management and one NANDA nursing diagnosis complete with goal outcome criteria and nursing interventions for the whole presentation.
Please pick the highest priority nursing diagnosis.

The papers must be written in APA format and include the basic information and uses of the drug for this assigned disorder.

classification as appropriate as follows:
– Classification
– Drugs commonly found in this class
– Action (how it works)
– Uses – what it is used for
– Schedule/Category
– Side Effects/Adverse Effects
– Contraindications Disea
– Interactions – food, drug etc.
– Lab test
– Nursing Education
– Client Education
– Overdose Treatment
– Outcome, desired

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