Discussion: Risk Management Case Scenario

Describe some mitigation techniques that the project manager could use to alleviate those risks. You can draw on the course material, your experience, and research to answer this question.
Elite Burger: New Product Launch Case Scenario
David Smith, a project manager at Elite Burger, was called into an executive meeting on short notice. During the meeting, the executive team discussed the increased demand for vegetarian and vegan products in the industry. So, they decided that a new burger called the “Veggie Time Burger” will be launched in six months. They want the burger to stand out from the other similar products by using fresh local ingredients and toppings. Since David has successfully launched other products in the past, he has been tasked with being the project manager for this new project.
After the meeting with executives, David scheduled a meeting with his team to discuss the project. Based on the executive team’s directions, they decided to experiment with ingredients such as black beans, chickpeas, quinoa, wild rice, and so on for creating the new burger. They also discussed introducing some unusual and more “exotic” toppings such as guacamole and sun-dried tomatoes. Apart from discussing the project requirements, the team also expressed some concerns, such as the fact that upper management has a history of significantly revising the scope at various points throughout the project.
Unfortunately, the meeting had to be cut short and David tasked his team with identifying additional risks that should be considered and accounted for.