Discussion regarding Trade Regulations and Industrial Policies

Using your weekly readings and additional research, discuss the challenges experienced by the Saudi Arabia agriculture industry. What financial support does the KSA government provide for its agricultural sectors? How could the KSA improve its agricultural sectors policies? What types of results would you expect for these improvements? Any foreseen consequences?
Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories, which require supporting citations along with at least one scholarly peer reviewed reference in supporting your answer unless the discussion calls for more. Keep in mind that these scholarly references can be found in the Saudi Digital Library by conducting an advanced search specific to scholarly references
add a minimum of 3-4 references
Readings Required:
Chapter 6 in International Economics (PowerPoint attached)
Text Book: International economics by Robert J. Carbaugh 17th Edition
Hoekman, B. (2020). WTO reform priorities post-COVID-19. East Asian Economic Review, 24(4), 337-348. Retrieved from https://doi-org.sdl.idm.oclc.org/10.11644/kiep.eaer.2020.24.4.383
Trosic, J. (2019). China’s accession to the World Trade Organization: the process and the effects. Megatrend Review, 16(1), 173-192. Retrieved from https://doi-org.sdl.idm.oclc.org/10.5937/MegRev1901173J
Cha, Y.,