Discussion: Ethical Dilemmas in Cybersecurity

This is an opportunity for you to develop a scenario that will stimulate a discussion on different approaches to privacy and ethical problems. The scenario you create should be realistic but unique, and it’s okay to think outside the box.
Follow these guidelines to make your scenario engaging and meaningful:
The scenario should be plausible. Focus on typical events rather than relatively rare occurrences or unrealistic characters.
– Provide enough background to indicate how the situation and policies could influence outcomes, but leave enough ambiguity so that participants must interpret unknown factors that might influence their approach.
– Provide a clear question or decision for participants to address.
– An example scenario is shown below. Do not use this as your initial post.
Your IT administrator tasks the members of your department with performing the yearly ethical hacking audit for the company. During last year’s exercise, one of the IT engineers went outside the scope of the ethical hacking contract and accessed HR files. This was deemed a deliberate violation of the plan, and the employee was fired. However, the vulnerability to access the records was included in the ethical hacking audit report. Knowing that this vulnerability existed last year, how would you proceed in this year’s audit?