Discussion Board 4

The mayor’s goal is to reduce juvenile gun violence in the community. Address the following:
Identify four data collection tools you could use to collect quantitative data to conduct this research.
How do the four tools differ, and how would the collected data differ in addressing the overarching research question regarding juvenile gun violence in the community?
Which descriptive statistics would you use to examine the characteristics of youth who commit firearm offenses? Explain how these measures would permit you to effectively address the main research question.
Explain how the normal distribution (bell curve) can be used to analyze the quantitative data on the characteristics of the youthful offenders.
Based on the unit reading and resources, discuss policies and practices you would recommend the mayor implement to address juvenile gun violence. Be sure to cite to and reference your sources.
Part II: Quantitative Measures
Review Table 1: Percentage of Boys Involved in Delinquency, by Gun Ownership Status in Lizotte