Dis and 2 peer reply

One of your readings (the EJ Sobo piece) brings into the fore the idea of conspiracy theories as a topic of thinking, and thinking through, what anthropology can do.
Please think critically about what you are going to write about! If the conspiracy theory is about something that can be triggering or generally problematic, thinking about how you present it and where you link to.
For your first post, due by Thursday 11:59p PST:
I want you to post about a conspiracy theory that you are aware of. Describe what it is about and give a link to some source about this. (please make sure to see the note above!)
Then I want you to pose why it is important to understand that conspiracy from the inside (i.e. anthropologically)
For your response posts
Respond to two peers and address the following:what do you think may generally be missed by others about the conspiracy theory (either its roots or meaning)?
do you know of, or can you find, a related conspiracy theory?