Developmental Psychology

Writing Project Instructions:

Write a summary review on one resource you find to answer a research question (hypothesis) you will draft,,
You will decide on a topic from which your hypothesis will be written.

Citations: For this topic assignment, you must have in-text citations in APA format and full reference citations in APA format at the end.

Paper Length: Your paper would be at least three to four pages in length or 1500 to 2000 words and must include the following.

The 1st paragraph is on the topic you choose for your paper and the focus you are going to take with that topic. You should keep the topic narrow and focused, not broad as in adolescence, but narrow as in an aspect of adolescence.

The 2nd paragraph will explain in detail why you chose this topic.

Paragraphs 3 to 5 will describe what you think about this topic. Your thoughts about this topic, of course, include why you picked it. However, this paragraph should also include more details about why this intrigues you that relate to developmental psychology: what questions do you what to answer about this topic and what you expect to find and hope to learn.
In this paragraph, you might give actual examples about your thoughts on this topic, maybe a personal example or something that you observed that raised questions in your mind about your topic.


Summarize and synthesize: Give an overview of the main points of the resource you chose and combine them into a coherent whole
Analyze and interpret: Don’t just paraphrase other researchers – add your own interpretations where possible, discussing the significance of findings in relation to the literature as a whole
Critically Evaluate: Mention the strengths and weaknesses of your source.
Write in well-structured paragraphs: Use transition words and topic sentences to draw connections, comparisons, and contrasts.

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