Development of metrics

Look at the presentation and the scenario attached to get an idea of what our project is about. After that ANSWER the question below. (the scenario is the steps of what our project builded from, just LOOK AT IT TO GET AN IDEA ABOUT OUR SCOPE)
Part 2: Development of metrics. In this part of the project, groups will take the results of Part 1 and define how performance and mission success will be measured. create 4 slides of each head point and add script to that.
1- What is a metric?
A quantifiable measurement used to track and assess the status of a process or requirement.
Need to be based on a defined benchmark.
Remember: less is more!
2- Attributes of a good metric:
Realistic / Relevant
Timely / Time-bound
3- What is a Technical Performance Measure (TPM)?
Used to evaluate system performance and indicate success.
What’s minimum or maximum acceptable value for a given function or feature?
4- Starts with a Business Impact Assessment (BIA)
Identify critical resources
Associated threats?
Threat exposure?
Potential mitigation strategies
Existing countermeasures
Plan to observe over time