Determining the Probability That a Statistic Comes from a Particular Distribution

Run your calculations using the data specified above to determine if your facility’s ALOS for heart failure is consistent with that of all Medicare heart failure patients. Then, prepare a brief so that you can replicate your analysis at some future date. Your brief should include the following:
Discuss whether, in future analyses, you will collect data from a sample of heart failure patients at your facility or look at all heart failure patients at your facility. Be sure to support this decision.
Distinguish between the statistics and parameters that you are using (i.e., what are the statistics and what are the parameters?).
Once you have estimated the probabilities for each MS-DRG, explain whether you believe your facility has ALOS that are within an acceptable range (i.e. are statistically the same) compared to the national average.
Paste a screenshot of your Excel calculations into the last page of your assignment submission.