Death InvestigationCurrently there is no singe death investigation system in the United States, but

Death Investigation
Currently there is no singe death investigation system in the United States, but there are common elements. The three forensic disciplines that are most frequently involved in death investigations are forensic pathologists, forensic anthropologists and forensic entomologists.
Part 1. A partially decomposed body is found in the woods. There is no sign of foul play, but no obvious indications of the cause of death such as weapons nearby. Describe which forensic practitioners would likely be involved in the death investigation. Which practitioner would you expect to be the final authority in such cases?
Part 2. Now, assume that it was discovered that the victim was uninjured and did not have any obvious findings of disease. However, the toxicology report showed fatal levels of a pain reliever in the remaining tissues. What can be determined and not determined regarding the cause, manner and mechanism of death?
Part 3. Now, assume that the body was not discovered until the remains were completely skeletonized. Assuming that it is not possible to test bones for drugs, can you think of any way that drugs might be found indirectly.
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