Cultural Memo Assignmen

ITS has a market opportunity to expand its business to new countries. Your manager has asked you to investigate aspects of business communication in another country to prepare to expand.
You are asked to communicate, via a memo to your Senior Director, Ms. Mallory Masters, on the cultural considerations (intercultural communication) that the company should consider for the company’s expansion.You then will provide a professional recorded presentation for the ITS team that will be working the expansion.
Culture impacts an audience’s perspective of your message and the information you are relaying. Therefore, you must consider cultural differences related to business—language, expectations, tone, protocol, etc.—to ensure that your audience understands your message.
Culture is particularly important in a corporate setting. In establishing business relationships around the globe, you must know the norms of the local culture and behave accordingly. These norms include
meeting structure
gift-giving and information exchanges (business cards, reports, etc.)
gender-related practices
communication styles
relationship standards
other practices related to business engagement.Your responsibility is to investigate these practices as they apply to business communication and express those to your colleagues.
For this assignment, write a memo (formatted correctly, single-spaced, approximately 2 pages) that addresses the scenario below. You will research cultural norms and cite at least 4 sources with in-text and end-of-text citations (IEEE format). (Note that sources need to be authentic and credible sources, rather than blogs or Websites from unknown authors or organizations.)