Cultural Identity Development

After reading and reviewing the Learn material, reflect upon what you have learned and include pertinent aspects of the material in your response to the following:


There were several multicultural competencies discussed in the textbook (pp. 591-600), and each of the competencies are important for counselor multicultural development. Of the competencies listed, elaborate as to which two stand out as the most significant. In other words, what are the qualities of these two competencies that present themselves as more prominent than the others and why? In addition, identify and discuss the one competency listed in the textbook would be more challenging for you to develop. As part of your material review for the week, you heard Dr. Moitinho elaborate on some characteristics of culturally competent counselors from a Christian perspective. What additional Christian principle would you add to his presentation? Share your rationale for this additional principle.


**One competency that would be more challenging for me to develop is Counselor self-awareness.  I am currently working on that because I find myself responding or giving my friends advice based on how I feel and my belief. Or what I would do or how I would react. (elaborate)


***Please watch the video and incorporate the pages I submitted