Critical Thinking On IT and Business Information (Aligning IT Strategies to Business Strategies )

Aligning IT Strategies to Business Strategies (115 points)

Delta Corporation has been very impressed with the progress it has made with its new product line and the new marketing approach that you recommended and instigated.
As a result, it is now considering expanding this approach for its other product lines, providing them with the ability to market and sell all of its products online. However, it has not considered the implications for its IT department in developing this type of plan. As the Social Media Marketing Consultant, you are familiar with integrating business and IT strategic planning. They have called upon you to provide advice. You need to:
Explain what the company needs to consider if it is going to move to a more on-line approach for its sales and marketing activities.
In particular, describe the consequences for its IT department and why they need to be involved in the planning phase.
Given the likely increase in costs associated with this move, you need to outline the potential benefits and possible pitfalls of outsourcing the IT maintenance and development.
Outline some strategic technology trends that the company may wish to monitor and consider for the future.
Finally, research a company in Saudi Arabia and discuss whether they were able to align their overall strategy and their IT strategy. If they were successful discuss how they managed this alignment and what benefits they gained from doing so. If they were not so successful, explain how and why you felt that occurred.

Chapter 12 in Information Technology for Management: On-Demand Strategies for Performance, Growth, and Sustainability
Campbell, C. C. (2021). Strategic technology trends for navigating 2021. ISSA Journal, 19(1), 6–18.
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Writing rules
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Use APA (7th ed) style guidelines.
Support your submission with course material concepts, principles, and theories from the textbook and at least five scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles.
Use a standard essay format for responses to all questions (i.e., an introduction, middle paragraphs, headline (and conclusion).
Make sure to include all the key points within conclusion section, which is discussed in the assignment. Your way of conclusion should be logical, flows from the body of the paper, and reviews the major points.
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make sure you clearly delineate each section of your answer so it can be matched with the relevant question.
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