Comments,, plz read the comments and follow them , methodology part is important and become a part of the analyses and result , plz fallow the comments below and you will get a part of the answers from there
The part with a yellow part through the paper should be change
_Abstract sounds ok – but is it really true that the _majority_ of prisoners in the middle east are political?
_Methods: You still don’t say HOW you will analyze your data, except for saying it will be a qualitative analysis. There are many different ways of performing qualitative analysis. I think you mean that the literature review is part of the results since it is discussed in the methods section? It is however not clear how you chose these references to discuss. What was your search strategy?
_Results. The lit review has not clear structure, and it is hard to follow. Chapter six appears to be another chapter of lit review, and this is quite readable and better structured. Chapter 7 seems to lack any information from the UN,, could we change this chapter with a chapter more related to the chapter number six ?. Surely the UN general assembly and/or human rights council or similar must have issued statements on the situation in Syria and Iraq. Why are no such statements referenced? Chapter 8, analysis, is a bit like a discussion section, but with few references and many statements on what the UN should do. I do not really feel as if this is a results section/analysis? Chapter 9 is labeled results, and appear to be another lit review? Now focusing more on prevalence of abuse in prison etc, so more quantitative studies? P20 has no references at all, which is very odd for a results section that consist of a lit review? You appear to not use the interview in your results any longer, but it is still discussed in your methods?

Plz deleted its in yellow color under metdology part and replace it with anther things will prompt the methodology of the thesis.

_Formalities: References not in reference list. Some references strange (6 & Bellamy, 2013) ? Lots of different fonts etc mixeawzd. Hard to read.