Creative Enterprise studio ( help me finish 1.1 part )

This is an authentic assessment because it helps you to plan your transition into the industry post-graduation, and develop a professional portfolio that showcases your skills and successful creative projects completed during your university degree. You are encouraged to make use of industry relevant platforms and media types when developing your professional portfolio.
Assessment 1.1 – 15%Due: Sunday 12th September at 11:59pm through Blackboard Details: Assessment 1.1 is due in Week 7 and it is a developed draft of your portfolio and professional plan according to the task requirements on the assessment 1 task sheet. It is worth 15% of your grade for A1. You must fulfil the requirements below to be awarded the 15%. At a minimum we expect to see the following in your Assessment 1.1 submission:Detail on each of the five steps that covers what, how, actions and timeline notes.

A draft layout of your online portfolio on a platform of your choice including your about section, documentation of three projects (this can be photos and notes). Please submit the URL for your website, (and password if applicable) in the same document as your five next steps. If you are using Linkedin and dont want to publish it in your draft format you can submit your information in a word document using the same informational layout as provided in Linkedin.

A developed draft of your resume (2 pages)