creating tables hands on lesson 4…NEED HELP

After each query, please take a screenshot of the MySQL output and add it to a Word document (or an equivalent) and name this file SQL-HandsOn4. This way, you will be able to submit your answers to each part all at once.
Now you are ready to get started! Good luck!
Part 1Run the following queries:
Create a view named “initialCustomers” that shows the first name, last name, and email address of customers that have an id of less than 100. Once that is complete, select and view your newly created view.
Part 2Complete the following:
Create a table named “ProductList”. Include the following columns:
Include the following requirements:
Every product should have an automatically generated id number that should be unique for each product.
Give each column a data type that would apply
Give the DateAdded column a default value for the current local time.
All columns CANNOT be null.
Next, insert one product into the table following the given guidelines when the table was created. When inserting the data, don’t include the ProductId or the DateAdded. Finally, run a query to see the single product in your table.