Create a REST API using API gateway

You can use services such as S3 and DynamoDB to store the data but you may also just use methods and datasets within your Lambda code.create an REST API with a Lambda backend service that provides the results of the last 5 games in a specific sport for a specific team entered by the user. Details regarding the implementation are as follows:
 The API should provide data for at least 3 different professional or college sports (e.g. Baseball, Football, Basketball)
 The API should provide data for at last 3 different teams for each of the 3 sports. This means you will have data from at least 9 different sporting teams.
 The data needs to be real and current. (Hint: all major sports have sites providing the most recent scores for all of their teams.) Note there will be some issues with current with the recent pandemic so recent might be relative.
 The API will use a Get Query String as input containing the Sports and Teams name. (e.g. ?sport=baseball