Create a MySQL database for store

Here is an ERD for a chain stores in the attachments.
1) For this project, create a MySQL database for this store.
If you create the database with MAMP on your own computer, please “export” your database and upload it here.
You should try to enter dummy records into your database. For each table, you should add a reasonable number of records.
2) The second part of this project will be the SQL statements for the following tasks:
1. Entering new records for the customers’ table
2. Generating a list of the in-stock items with ALL related info. and find the most popular ones based on sales.
3. Identifying the Stores and Staff Members with the highest sales volumes.
You can export your DB from MAMP and upload it here.
3) The third part, create a database-driven website based on this project, which includes the data entry, search and result listing features with the help of PHP and HTML FORMs. You need to upload your HTML FORM and PHP files here.