Crazy Eddie HTML project

ANY submission that reflects a good-faith effort on your part earns a
A company called Crazy Eddie Electronics has come to us in need of help. Crazy Eddie would like
to move his business into the 21st century, but he doesn’t know how. He know he wants to build a
website, but he doesn’t know the first thing about how to do this. He has decided to crowdsource
this problem to the students of AD648, and he’ll give $1 million USD to the person who can design
the best site for Crazy Eddie Electronics.
Eddie has some very particular design specifications that he needs you to follow. They are:
1. Inside the body of the document, be sure to add the following information:
a. Crazy Eddie’s store location
b. Crazy Eddie’s store hours
c. Crazy Eddie’s store contact information
2. Crazy Eddie apparently likes pictures, and he has asked that you please include at least
three pictures on your site. Include three pictures of electronics items for sale. These pics
should be from somewhere on the web.
3. Crazy Eddie has asked that you include at least six paragraphs on the page that describe
items that are sold in his store. Remember, he is a little bit crazy. He wants each of these
paragraphs to be written in a separate font, with a separate color, and in a separate size.
You do not need to write long paragraphs — one sentence per paragraph is fine. In HTML,
paragraphs go between the


4. Crazy Eddie has asked that you include at least two lists on the page. These lists can be
ordered or unordered.
5. Crazy Eddie has asked that you include a table on your page. You can use this to describe
anything related to his business.
6. Crazy Eddie is so crazy that he’s guaranteeing that he can be beat the prices of any
competitor. He’s so confident that he can beat their prices, he has asked you to include
links to three of his competitors somewhere on the site.
To submit this assignment, you’ll upload your .HTML file into Blackboard. If Blackboard doesn’t
allow you to upload it, you can try uploading it as a .ZIP file instead. Here is a link to a tutorial
about making a .ZIP file.
The most important things to keep in mind for this assignment:
● The goal of this assignment is to expose you to HTML and web design — not to stress you
out. Any truly good-faith effort to learn from this and have some fun in the process will
earn a YES. This is not a website design class. Even if none of your HTML seems to be
working, just submit what you’ve done, and you will receive a “YES.”
○ NONE of this has to be realistic. “Mars” is a completely fine store location.
● Sublime Text is free to download, and a good tool to use for making and editing an HTML
file. So is Text Wrangler. Both are completely free HTML editors. They are awesome. If
you use TextEdit, expect formatting problems. When using a program like Sublime Text,
you can use the “Save As” feature to indicate that your file should be an HTML file. Save it
to your desktop, or another folder that you use often. When you click on the name of the
file, it will open in a browser.
● Every question you could possibly have (e.g. How do I put a list on a web page? What
about a table?) can be answered here: You
can also e-mail Prof. Page or your facilitator anytime with any question.
● Each student is required to submit his/her own Crazy Eddie page, but by all means, use
any resource available to you — other students in the class, Google searches, the “Crazy
Eddie FAQ” video on our class Blackboard site, etc.
This is some HTML code to get you started — you may run into formatting problems if you copy
and paste this, so I suggest typing it instead:

Title of the document

The content of the document……

I WILL put the example of my classmate’s work in the file, please use Sublime Text to do this work. if you need to enter the user name, please use hedyyy.