Correlation And RegressionFriday, June 18, 2021, 9:34 AMNumber of replies: 1◀︎COURSE HOMEREVIEWReview the assigned

Correlation And Regression
Friday, June 18, 2021, 9:34 AMNumber of replies: 1◀︎COURSE HOMEREVIEW
Review the assigned reading to prepare for this discussion. 

The scatter plot pictured above shows the relationship between two variables: speed of a vehicle and braking distance. The vertical axis represents braking distance in feet or the distance it takes for a car to stop. The horizontal axis represents speed, in miles per hour. The speed of the vehicle is the independent variable. The braking distance is the dependent variable since the braking distance depends on the speed of the car. By looking at the scatter plot, a clear relationship exists between these two sets of data. The relationship between the variables is positive (positive correlation), since the braking distance increases as the speed of the vehicle increases. Additionally, since the plotted values appear to be linear, the relationship between the variables seems to be strong. Logically, this makes sense, as one would expect there to be a strong relationship between braking distance and speed. The relationship between braking distance and speed is beneficial for drivers so that they can assume a safe distance from a car in front of them in an effort to avoid a collision.

Identify a situation, aside from property-prices, in which it may be beneficial or interesting to try to determine a relationship between two variables.
What are the two numeric variables that you are comparing?
Which variable is the independent variable and which variable is the dependent variable and why?
Would you predict the relationship between variables to be positive, or would you predict the relationship to be negative? Why?
Would you perceive the relationship between variables to be strong, or would you perceive the relationship to be weak? Why?
Initial posts: 150-250 words