Connecting Paragraphs to Thesis

Reading- Related Assignment: We are going to use the essay excerpt you read for last week to work on the next element of the writing process. First, we worked on thesis, then development, then support.
Now we are adding CONNECTION. Connecting ideas and paragraphs to our thesis helps advance the argument.
Open to “Creating the Myth” by Linda Seger page 386 in the 7th Edition of Signs of Life
The thesis is in the first paragraph: “Whatever our culture, there are universal stories that form the basis for all our particular stories.”
Body Paragraph One: First sentence–“Many of the most successful films are based on these universal stories.”
The phrase “universal stories” connects to the thesis.
The paragraph is about films that develops the thesis.
The examples of Joan Wilder, James Bond, Shane, the caveman, and the Roman slave all support the thesis.
Body Paragraph Two: First sentence–“Some of these stories are “search” stories.”
The word “stories” connects to the thesis.
The paragraph is about a specific kind of story–search stories. that develops the thesis.
The examples of job, relationship, success, respect, security, love and home all support the thesis.
ASSIGNMENT: Identify the development, support, and connection in the remaining body paragraphs of the excerpt. There are eight remaining body paragraphs. Be specific–identify which words or phrases develop, support, and connect the paragraph to thesis.